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August 6, 2009

Pictures taken by Harry Pagels
Posted January 20, 2011

Peace Arch Park at the U.S.--Canada border is a beautiful spot to visit.  It is maintained with flower-
filled landscaping and has a dozen or so sculptures by a wide variety of artists, changed each year. This first of three pages has photos by Harry Pagels. The subsequent two pages have photos by Herb Lindberg, who was visiting Harry and Carol in Bellingham, WA, with wife Mary. We hope the beauty shown in these photos encourages you to visit the park yourselves.

The extent of the park and changing flowers and statues make it worthwhile to view photos from a previous visit in 2008.  In lieu of posting pictures from our visit in 2010,  I created a video slide show with photos from several years.  You can view this show by clicking in the box below appropriate to your type of computer.


Peace Arch Park
U.S -- Canada Border on West Coast
Visits in 2003, 2007-2010

For many years we have visited Mary's family in Bellingham, WA, in early August. On five of these visits we drove up to the U.S./ Canada border to see Peace Arch Park, a beautiful place with floral displays and statue art which change each year. These video slides shows give a glimpse of this beauty.  If you have to view the YouTube version make sure you click on the gear in the control bar at the bottom of the picture and select the highest resolution available.

Peace Arch Park
Visits from 2003 to 2010
(for Windows PC's)
Large high definition

Peace Arch Park
Visits from 2003 to 2010
(YouTube, any computer)
Small, medium definition

Mary and Herb at the entrance from the parking lot 

Dahlias at the entrance

Another family picture

Mary and Carol at the flower-surrounded gazebo, New Guinea Impatiens in the foreground

I love this driftwood statue of a moose. His snout is perfect.

It's snout is still perfect at this angle, and we see the legs.

Close-up of Carol

Mary among the banks of flowers near the Peace Arch Park sign (on next page)

Closer at different angle

Herb enjoys the same flowers.

Acrobats in a two-man hand stand

This closer view shows that the designs on the "skin" include faces, mouths and teeth.

Outstretched arms

Another view


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