First Lake Wildwood Snow of 2009
It was only 2 inches, but that's a big deal here!

Pictures taken December 7, 2009
Posted December 7, 2009
2009, Herbert E. Lindberg

Turn on your sound for Dean Martin's Let It Snow

The evening weather-news forecast was for a morning in the 20's with snow down to 1500 feet. As I lay in bed at 6:30 a.m. contemplating the new day I remembered this forecast and got up to see if it was true. It was! All the trees around the lake were covered by snow and our deck had a 2-inch layer that matched the layer on our boat-lift cover and dock. I grabbed my camera and took a half dozen shots "in the dark," which came out too blurred to be useful. I kept shooting anyway because I knew that as the morning brightened eventually I'd get some useful pictures.

The first useful pictures were up our driveway from our porch at a bit past 7 a.m.

Dressed only in my P.J.'s, slippers, stocking hat and light jacket, I trudged up the driveway snapping away.
The two tall redwoods on the left were only a few feet tall when we planted them in late 1997.

A left turn at the top of the driveway gave one of the better shots, as in previous years.
You can see our garbage can and leaf bags waiting for our Monday morning pick-up.

A turn to the right showed our mail box and the few remaining leaves on one of our black oaks,
plus show-covered pine and oak trees down the street.

A turn back to the left for a slightly zoomed shot. I'm standing between the tire tracks left by our paper "boy."

The arch of black oaks viewed looking back down our driveway were completely covered by snow.
The Oleanders and junipers at left along the driveway were heavily laden.

Our yard and the roof of our house were covered by a 2-inch layer.

Snow on the driveway concrete had melted, except for blotches insulated by large, black oak leaves.

I went back out onto our rear deck to capture some of the trees and homes across the lake, 
covered by snow and now with enough light for useful pictures.

Our dock, boat lift cover, and two boats, all covered by snow.

Our upper deck, and more snow-covered trees and homes viewed in a easterly direction.

After a half hour of trudging outside between snow covered areas, our fireplace was a welcome sight and feel.

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