A Brief Visit to Old Colfax

A Nearby Town with a Great Ice Cream Shop
(Note in 2017: The ice cream shop is no longer and Old Colfax is dying -- sigh!)

Pictures Taken May 2, 2010
Posted July 25, 2010
2010, Herbert E. Lindberg

Mary and I hadn't been to Colfax in quite some time, so we took a leisurely drive out Rt. 174 to enjoy the countryside and stop in at the old town. We didn't bother going across the the railroad tracks into the newer part of town.

Most of the old-town stores, restaurants, and bar(s?) are on the one block as you enter on Main Street from Rt. 174.

This sign greets you on the next block.

The other side of the first block as viewed looking back from the corner of Main and Grass Valley streets.
The caboose is on a siding near the still-used main railroad tracks.

Same scene but after crossing both streets to bring flowers into the near foreground.

Closer view of the old Colfax station, which now houses retail stores.

This still closer view shows an old maintenance car and a family eating ice cream on the old station deck.

The son is in the cart, checking out the controls with ice cream on his face.

Up on the deck we see the name of the candy/ice cream store and its main entrance.
Mary and I each had a cone -- first rate ice cream, yummy.

I turned around to take this of a restaurant on the other side of Main Street, near where Mary stood in the first photo.

While we ate our ice cream in the shop, we watched a train circling overhead.

The train at a turn.

On the side of the commercial shops building facing the tracks are these paintings.

Continued paintings.

 I couldn't resist getting into the maintenance car. You can see its gas engine in the box.
We were in town less than an hour and it was time to head home.

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