Nevada City Bicycle Classic, 50th Anniversary
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Pictures Taken June 20, 2010
Posted July 1, 2010
2010, Herbert E. Lindberg

Note:  The map below did not appear in the June 14, 2013 issue of the TWI as planned.  The text there doesn't make much sense without it so here it is.  If you like, you can save the map to your computer (right click on it and select "Save Image As...) and print it to have with you at the races.

Race map for the Nevada City Bicycle Classic

This was the golden anniversary of the Bicycle Classic, so I decided to emphasize the ambiance of the event rather than the races themselves.  Mary, Julie and I sat in our usual spot, at the curb across from the fire station. I stayed there long enough to watch the Ron Miller Junior Grand Prix and eat my lunch. Then I got up to watch the start of the Jimmy Rogers Masters 35+ 45+ race (in which our Son Craig has been racing since he and his family moved to Nevada City about ten years ago) and then walk the course against the flow as racers went by lap after lap for 55 minutes.

Click on the thumbnail below to see a video slide show I put together back in 2005 to help Dwayne Strawser sell sponsors to support the race.  It's an ideal place to start because the purpose of the show is to tell sponsors what the race is and to give them an example of the excitement of a typical race.

Nevada City Bicycle Classic
Updated to High definition (1080p) on June 10, 2017).


The fire station from our curbside seats.

Crop into the attic and belfry, to show that they are in serious need of scraping and painting.

Young racers in the Junior Grand Prix whiz by.

Race leaders zoom down Broad street toward the Start/Finish Line, as American flags wave in the cool breeze. Is there another race that has classic old storefronts on each side and a lush pine forest beyond?

Flags decorate each gaslight-style lamp along Broad Street.

Announcer's booth at the Start/Finish line.  Touchdown Productions used five TV cameras in their live coverage.

I ran into Craig on Pine Street just before his race.

Masters 35+ 45+ racers chat on the start line.  Craig is out of view several rows back.

Event Director Dwayne Strawser coordinates with the pace car.

Then he approaches the Start/Finish line to give directions for the race start.

Sponsor logos decorate the banner at the line.

In a surprise move, the announcer calls Peter Krogh and Craig Lindberg to the front of the start pack, in memory of their teammate Jimmy Rogers, who was killed in a distracted-driver accident on Hwy 174. When the race started, Peter and Craig let other racers pass before they pedaled hard.

The crowd claps and cheers approval at the end of the first lap.

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