Spring in Penn Valley, California
April 1, 2012

2012 Herbert E. Lindberg

March was very wet so we're finally getting green grass and flowers. The sun broke through to a partly cloudy day with a beautiful blue sky on Sunday so Mary and I decided to take our Sunday drive through back roads of Penn Valley. We began by driving up Indian Springs Road, which starts just across Hwy 20 at Pleasant Valley Road.  To view a video slide show in addition to the pictures here with detailed captions, click on the thumbnail below.

Penn Valley Spring
Sunday, April 1, 2012

Penn Valley Spring

We were greeted by Daffodils (aka Jonquils in the Midwest) along both sides of the road.

Mary among the Daffodils

Cropped in closer

One of my favorite varieties

The Daffodils above happened to be along the fence of Indian Springs Wildlife Trust. I don't know anything about this except that the owner of this estate chose that as a name for his property.

It has this nice little pond and footbridge.

If you look closely you can read the "Golden Gate Bridge" sign, which seems to be in the same vein as the property title.

Blossoming trees at the entrance to the estate

We continued on Indian Springs Road until Spenceville Road, where we turned right.  Just a mile or two up the road, past Pilot Peak Winery, Spenceville intersects Oak Meadow Road, which has this sign at the intersection.


I don't know how private this road is but we proceeded blissfully ahead and were greeted in a friendly manner by the few owners we saw.  On our way back out a retired couple on horseback gave us a long, curious look as I smiled cheerfully.

This horse appeared to be licking bare ground while surrounded by lush grass a few paces away.

This place, up a drive from the horse, had a real estate sign at the road.

Parson's Road, just off Oak Meadow Road

Farther down Oak Meadows Road this horse was in a lush field on Indian Court.

Both horses just walked up to me and were friendly. The one on the right took a nip toward my sweater while I petted him/her.

I'm no judge of horse flesh but these two looked fine.


A final look at this magnificent pair as I walked back to our car.


Another ranch, near the end of Oak Meadow Road


Partial zoom to rocks and sheep


This zoom into the sheep shows they are ready (and past ready!) for shearing.

Turned around and heading back out of Oak Meadow Ranches. That's Pilot Peak in the distance, namesake of our local Pilot Peak Winery, which was started by Len Stevens (builder of many Wildwood homes) and another couple just a few years ago.  Good wine!


I took several passes at these trees trying to photograph them with the sun shining. The sun finally peeked out 
just as this tractor crawled by. Oh well, local color. The trees are red because of new leaf growth, not flowers.


Took this for Mary's brother Harry -- he's got a good-sized photo collection of old barns he's photographed. 
We're now on Spenceville Road not far from Pilot Peak Winery as we return to downtown Penn Valley.


Dead, naked trees are always fun to photograph. Also nice sky.
A few minutes later we were home and eating lunch.


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