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Yaron Brook on Statism versus Freedom and Capitalism
(given, coincidentally, the day after Obama's election to a second term)

Stanford Hero Lecture, November 1, 2012
Craig Barrett, former Intel CEO, on Innovation and Much More


Religion vs. Freedom
Published on Jan 27, 2015,  Recorded December 3, 2014.
Many of our political discussions today assume that the advocacy of economic freedom and of religion go together, that to be against social security and our tens of thousands of other controls means you must also be against evolution and contraception. As Americans we’re told that our choice is to embrace either superstition and capitalism or science and the modern regulatory-welfare state—and faced with such a choice, many of us understandably choose the latter. In this talk, Onkar Ghate argues that in fact religion undermines freedom and that our real choice is to embrace science and capitalism or the authoritarianism of religion and today’s Big Government.
The lecture covers much, much more than these immediate topics.