U.N. Agenda 21 -- Global Control
hidden behind environmental fear
and implemented at the local level

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If you have time to watch only one of the five videos on this page, watch the last one.  The speaker, Michael Shaw, is a recognized expert on U. N. Agenda 21 and its ramifications, and his website is a comprehensive source to delve deeper into how our lives have already been degraded.

Here is the latest presentation on the topic, a movie created by JD King in late 2014.

"In BLUE, filmmaker JD King takes you into some of the most spectacular forest lands in North America, and introduces you to many of the real people who have made their lives there for generations. They are now in a desperate battle to save everything they value, their land, their jobs, their families, their way of life. You may be shocked to discover that their worst enemy has become the 'environmental' movement. Do our new environmental governors really know what is best for these rich precious lands? To the contrary, JD King explores the reality underneath the rhetoric, and shows that this movement is no longer about humans' proper conservancy of nature, but is all about seizing the new 'green'--of money, power and dictatorial control. Can rational rules for these lands--based on the human values of rights and freedom--prevail? Some of the true stories you will see in this movie may outrage you, some of them will move and inspire you, but you will never take the claims and demands of 'environmental leaders' at face value again after experiencing BLUE." --Prof. Matt Malkin, UCLA

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I put the Glenn Beck video early in the remaining series because it's the shortest and provides a bombastic introduction.  Then comes the longer and more comprehensive Rosa Koire video followed by Beck's chat with Rosa and two 912 Project representatives as an introduction to encouraging news that progress is being made in resisting Agenda 21 takeovers of property.  Next is John Anthony's description of Agenda 21, which nicely complements Rosa's without too much repetition.  I also give John's link to the web page that contains what is in his lecture and much, much more.  The web page includes good news about U.S. and state legislation to purge Agenda 21 from local governments.  Reading all the material there would take weeks if not months, but the material available is comprehensive enough to wage a campaign in your local community to purge U.N. Agenda 21 inroads and guide individuals in how to avoid having their property taken away by environmental Nazis.

My page here ends with Michael Shaw's presentation at the Behind The Green Mask conference in Sonoma, CA on August 6, 2011. Shaw is a recognized expert on Agenda 21 in its many forms, and maintains a website that reflects the thoroughness of his research. This presentation shows the diabolical and dangerous extent of Agenda 21's tentacles and also introduces means to purge it from your community, state, the United States, and eventually the world.

Glenn Beck Show, June 23, 2011


Rosa Koire, June 6, 2011

Agenda 21 is the United Nation's plan to control your life, and the most freighting thing to come along since Nazism, it's that bad.  The speaker has a rambling style but delivers the message at a more useful level than in Glenn Beck's introduction if you have the time (an hour, plus questions but you can skip those). Get comfortable, but be prepared to be mentally uncomfortable -- you think your world is changing now, but it's going to get a lot worse unless we can stop this steam roller.



We are fighting back!  August 1, 2012

Glenn Beck talks with Rosa Koire and the 912 Project representatives.
Note: The video goes out of sync with its sound about a third into this,
but it's still very understandable.


Still More Detailed Explanation of Agenda 21
John Anthony,  November 28, 2011


Material in the above presentation, and much more, can be found at http://didyouknowonline.com/agenda21.php. For example this web page includes pdf documents of the origins of Agenda 21, EPA workings with Agenda 21, one- and two-page hand-outs useful in discussing these issues with your local government, and recent executive orders by Obama which expand Agenda 21.  It also includes promising recent U.S. and state legislation which limits government authority to infringe on property rights.  On the lighter side, there is a 7-minute video of a much younger Nancy Pelosi up to her eyeballs on October 2, 1992, bringing Agenda 21 into the U.S. Government.  Well, maybe not so light.


Plans made and giant steps already taken with Agenda 21
The Ultimate War:
Globalism vs. America

Michael Shaw, President of Freedom Advocates
Behind The Green Mask Conference
Sonoma County, CA
August 6, 2011

This video shows how agents of Agenda 21 have already established an illegal (unconstitutional) soviet form of government in the U.S. that disregards city, county and state boundaries, and which has imposed one-world rule throughout the United States with no legally elected representatives of its citizens.  Much of Agenda 21 is empowered by Presidential Executive Orders, both Republican and Democrat, just as Russia has been ruled since its revolution of 1917.  Agenda 21 executive orders continue to flow, now from President Obama. This structure is clearly treasonous because these are effectively laws enacted outside the constitution. They will be best purged from the local level in a mirror image of how Agenda 21 infiltrated our country.

The introduction to this video may seem overly dramatic, but you will see rightly so as you learn about the many tentacles of world government that are engulfing our country behind the green mask of environmentalism.  Mr. Shaw has clearly done his homework and qualifies as an Agenda 21 expert.  His extensive website, www.freedomadvocates.org/ , reflects the thoroughness of his research.  I recommend it as another place to delve into  Agenda 21 and its effects.