Happy Apple Kitchen
Chicago Park, CA

April 13, 2013
Posted April 16, 2013

2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

Spring is a great time to drive to Old Colfax from Grass Valley on Rt. 174.  With green trees and grass and several horse farms on the way, plus the beautiful winding road up from Chicago Park to Colfax, I think it is one of the most beautiful short drives in the area.  If you go any day but Sunday, stop in at the Happy Apple Kitchen (it's closed on Sunday) at the top of the hill in Chicago Park for a simple but delicious lunch. It's on the left as you head away from Grass Valley -- it comes up suddenly as you round a bend in the road.


Sign viewed from parking lot toward Grass Valley.

Happy Apple Kitchen viewed from parking area

Restaurant and serving deck from the side yard.

Serving table and side back yard, which is at roughly the camera location for the above picture.

Another side yard table, with neighbor's home and gazebo in the background.

Another view after walking into the side yard.

Hanging basket and rear yard viewed from seating deck.

Below is a stereo picture pair of same scene. To see the picture in 3D, look at the center line between the pair and let your eyes relax so they look beyond the screen. As your eyes relax the pictures begin to overlap. When they completely overlap the center of your two-eye vision becomes a picture in 3D. Ignore what you see on either side of the 3D picture with your peripheral vision.  Focus your attention on the center image until a 3D picture pops into view. The 3D picture is much more interesting than the rather blah 2D picture above.

If the pitch of your screen is much smaller than about 100 pixels per inch (my screen) and the images therefore too large for you to make the two images overlap, save the picture and reduce it's size with your image editing program. 

View toward neighbor's home from our eating table.


This makes a striking picture in 3D ...


On our way back to Lake Wildwood I stopped for a few pictures on Pleasant Valley road just before the bend down to the Main Gate.

Zoom into the above scene.

Same spot viewing along the fence.


Again, this picture is much more interesting in 3D.

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