A Second Visit to Crystal Hermitage
Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA

Monday, May 13, 2013

Herb Lindberg

Our visit to the Crystal Hermitage Tulip Open house on Sunday, April 28 was such a whirlwind that Mary and I went back 15 days later to get a more complete perspective of Crystal Hermitage and Ananda Village.  We were also interested to see what would replace the tulips in the garden.  We could see that roses were coming in during the April 28 visit.

I used a few of the new pictures (mainly of the chapel) to add to the slide show I created originally.  Below are links to the new slide show, and Cheryl Noble's interview of Ananda gardeners Nancy and Kerry Mair.


Cheryl Noble with Gardeners Nancy and Kerry Mair
Original 720p resolution, 8:34 min.

Ananda Tulip Open House
Full-Screen Resolution

Upgraded to 1080p on
August 17, 2017, 4:15 min


This time we were able to stop at the Ananda symbol to see it more closely.

We also looked more closely at the statuary outside the gift shop.

One of the main reasons for a re-visit was to take the outside of the chapel, which we had rushed past on April 28.

More face-on view.

Dahlias and Roses were now in full bloom at the wide-area terrace.

The opposite side of the chapel, taken from the entrance end.

Same side from the rear end.

Stairway from Crystal Hermitage to the chapel, taken looking back toward the chapel.  Notice the tulips are gone.



Close-up of Dahlias in the terrace picture (I could be mistaken about the species; we were touring on our own.).


The chapel viewed above terrace roses, from the broad terrace.

Beautiful flowers on the opposite (river gorge) side of the broad terrace.

Another group of flowers in the same row as above.


Meanwhile, on the uphill side (toward the chapel) was a symphony in purple.

Stain glass window at the far peak of the chapel.

Far below the window are five major contributors to the philosophy of Ananda.

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