Wedding of Michelle and Otis (Jake)
at the Hinman Homestead on Lake Wildwood
Part 1 of 2

July 18, 2015
Posted August 1, 2015
2014 Herbert E. Lindberg
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I posted pictures from this wedding on Facebook the day after the wedding.  I'm posting the same pictures here to make available untrammeled (by Facebook) versions and also the option to view and download full-screen versions.  I used these larger pictures to create a 7-minute YouTube video that also includes a movie of the ceremony and introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacobs to a cheering crowd.

To see and download the full-screen pictures, click on the pictures here, then right click on the large versions and select "Save image as..."  Use the back arrow to return to this page after each download.

YouTube Video of Ceremony
Click on the picture below and then
Select 1080p resolution; watch in full screen

Hinman homestead at the beginning of festivities

Grandmother Hinman (Blake's mother)

Senior pair

Denise Benevento and Kathleen Hinman on left

Denise Benevento and Kathleen Hinman

Francesca Benevento on left

Lovely table settings with beautiful lake in the background

Cyndi Mlack, Linda Currie, Vanetta Hale, ..

John Benevento, Bob Curry, Ken Mlack

Denise Benevento, Linda Currie, Cyndi Mlack

Mystery couple?

Kathy's gurgling water (instead of waterfall which Blake said would be unnatural coming from nowhere)

Blake Hinman,   , Vanetta Hale, Blake's brother Scott Hinman

Kathleen Hinman's father and brother

Chris, on right, performed the wedding ceremony -- top notch.

Woman has wonderful singing voice.

Otis (Jake) Jacobs is delivered to the Hinman dock with his best men.

Jake Jacobs is escorted to the "church" by Scott Hinman.

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