EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy isn't aware of the
failure of climate models to predict global temperature

Here is the comparison of models with real-world temperatures

We are told by political leaders and lock-step educators that climate change is accelerating and will cause serious damage to the earth unless we act immediately to reduce CO2 emissions.  Yet, when confronted with the indisputable data in the above graph, they choose to not even respond.  In this case, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy could only spout off irrrelevant mantras in answer to the specific question raised by these data.

Further examples of uninformed leaders pushing action on climate change appear every day.  These include President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, California Governor Jerry Brown, and now even Pope Francis.  In every case they know even less than EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and are, instead, part of a political movement to shut down use of fossil fuels.

That is not to say that CO2 has no effect on climate.  It does, but it is very small and shows no trend toward dangerous world temperatures.  The numerous contributions of fossil fuels to standard of living far outweigh any negative effect on climate.

Here are two references that debunk the garbage that Gina McCarthy spews and the whole climate change industry:

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