Yuba Harvest Cafe

The New Restaurant at Lake Francis

August 9, 2016
2016 Herbert E. Lindberg

It was called the Palace Restaurant in this photo from 2014. Its primary customers were patrons of the Lake Francis Resort for inner-city kids to spend a wonderful couple weeks in the back woods of the old gold rush town Oregon House, and nearby Dobbins.

It's now called "Yuba Harvest Cafe" and has much-extended hours to serve locals with the same emphasis that was given to Lake Francis Resort patrons. Their objective is to be a farm-to-table restaurant, with fresh local eggs every morning and local produce and meat.

This is the new owner. She doesn't give her name on their website (http://yubaharvest.com/) so I didn't push to have it here.  Notice that her first dollar in business, near the upper left corner, is freshly framed.

The inside of the restaurant is much as it was except for the new owner's personal paintings and new heavy-duty tables. We had the lunch menu so didn't sample the depth or scope of the farm-to-table fare.   At present they give four menus on their website

Here's her favorite painting, and mine.

A couple more of 20 to 30.