Barbara, Andy and Maddie Visit

The three of them rented a house in Nevada City and had a ball
seeing the town close in and on foot as they visited us at Eskaton.

May 30 -- June 2, 2017
2017 Herbert E. Lindberg

They arrive to a modest Victorian located just one long outside flight of stairs (about 5 stories high) up the side of a hill from the Stonehouse and the corner of Boulder and Broad Streets.

Then follow instructions to extract the key from a lock box.

Barbara made us all a magnificent
vegetarian meal served at this table.

Bench and patio out the dining room window.

Another slice of the same scene.

Barbara did her magic here.

The kitchen also has a nice eating bar with cushy stools and a view of the hall and living room bookshelf next to the kitchen.

Another entry deck and bench sits outside the kitchen door.

Stairs to the kitchen deck.

The next day we had lunch at the street cafe across from the church on Broad Street.

Then off to Empire Mine State Historical Park on Thursday. We hoped to see the tail end of the first wave of roses in the Bourne Cottage garden but they were almost entirely gone.  A good crop of foxglove served as consolation, as you see here and in later photos.

Barbara stopped for a photo op on her way back from taking close-ups.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Mary found nice seats on a nearby wall.

A less posed aftershot.

Almost all the color in the main rose garden was from foxgolves like these.

Crop in for a better view of the blossoms.

This was a natural shot from my wheelchair
while Barbara and others explored onward.

This is the path from the low wall surrounding the Bourne Cottage lawn (behind the camera) back toward the visitor center. Rose bushes lined both sides but dried blooms had been pruned by the day we arrived.

They're looking at a vine that had taken over the lower thirty to forty feet of a nearby pine tree. Their inspection revealed that both vine and tree, which went up another 100 feet or so, remained healthy. Barbara later walked over to check out the 9-inch trunk of the vine.