Rory's First Six Years

Mary and I don’t get to see our great granddaughter Rory Yates Lindberg (documented name Aurora Rose Marie Yates) very often because she lives in Milpitas and we’re way up here in the Nevada foothills. For the most part we’ve seen her on Facebook when her maternal grandmother Lisa Yates posted pictures and, more recently, when her paternal grandfather Dave Lindberg posts pictures of special celebration days. I download and sort these precious pictures into my files by year.

Recently I did my best to select some of the better pictures, put them into chronological order, and create a brief memory of this lovely child’s life. Mary and I got to see Rory (short for Arora, born May 3, 2011) in person on her third birthday but have never spoken with her. I know she likes to read so I’ve sent special books to her now and then (the complete collection of Beatrix Potter’s little children’s books about her animal friends, and the wonderfully clever and funny cartoon book “The Beastlies Alphabet” by Lila Dowling (art) and her mother Dorothy (verse).