Buffalo Gals Show  June 7, 2019  at Eskaton GV

Margo Meredith       on Vocals and Fiddle
Jonathan Meredith   on Vocals and Guitar
Ann Meigs                 on Vocals, Mandolin, Accordion
Michael Bremer        on Banjo and Vocals
Philip Wright            on Bass and Vocals

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Baby I'm Crazy About You

I'm Goin' to the River

White River Stomp

Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

When I Was a Cowboy Out On the Western Plain

Shut That Gate and Don't Let Him In
I Want To Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart

Come Back Baby (I'm howlin' At the Moon)

A Short Walz
(notable mostly for the coordinated recovery from an explosive goof)

Without My Cane

Someone Exactly Like You

Buffalo Gals Grand Finale