Zoom Out to Big Bang and In to Quarks

This three minute video zooms out from a pretty woman lying on a lawn to shortly after
the big bang where mass and energy are distributed nearly uniformly throughout the universe, and then zooms back to the woman's eye and into her eye to increasingly small particles until it is at the dimensions of quarks.
   The unit of measure on this image journey is field of view, which begins at about 1 meter as we start with the woman in the Silicon Valley Googleplex, out to 10^25 meters in the uniform universe near the big bang, then back down and past the woman at 1 meter and on to a group of quarks of the protons and neutrons inside an organic nucleus at 10^-15 meters. The logarithmic center of the journey from big bang to quarks is the spiral arm of our Milky Way Galaxy at 10^20 meters.