Tim & Thea Yard Improvements At Our Former Home

January 29, 2018
2018 Herbert E. Lindberg

Today, Mary and I drove to our former home in Lake Wildwood to pick up Mary's Social Security 1099 form which went to our old address.  Tim and Thea, the new owners, were kind enough to save the form for us and when we arrived they also gave us a tour of the major improvements they're making to the yard.

Added concrete at bottom of driveway and around garage. As we drove down from Chaparral Dr. we saw many improvements in our landscaping: replaced entry mugo pines with colorful daisies, tore out messy and fire hazard juniper driveway border and replaced with isolated shrubs spotted across west side of driveway.

More of the new arrangement at base of driveway: added topsoil above river rock wall and another wall to a second terrace. A third terrace, in the background, is to have picnic tables. It is supported by RR ties.

The three terraces as they meet the driveway.

Look toward the lake to see new concrete golf cart path, which replaces decomposed granite that used to wash down to the lake every winter.

More of the golf cart path.

Down at the back yard they took out some of our less interesting shrubs; replacement plans in progress. I had used stickery shrubs that the deer left alone, but they scratched Thea who plans to work in the garden far more than I did.

They left the camilia bushes, which start at the far end of this photo.

Thea's impulse purchase at the local nursery: golfing giraffe on a trike.

Tim and Thea are in the process of adding a decomposed granite path below the beach patio for easy access to landscape plants. They will build a bridge with hand rail where the plywood covers the river rock garden drain. The other wood is Gary and Nancy's bridge over the east side drain, stored here temporarily. I was too rushed (getting late) to photograph the MAJOR improvements along the shoreline:
When the lake was down they had a subsurface reinforced concrete retaining wall installed across the entire shoreline. This was badly needed, including under the dock. Wave action had eroded the shoreline to the extent that everything was about to collapse into the lake. All of this is hidden from view, hence no photos. However, I should have photographed the concrete ramp extension of the golf path into the lake.

They widened the path around the west side of the house at this corner to make a turn-around for golf carts. (The rectangles are water stains from rugs removed by Thea for the picture.)

This extension off the corner is the upper end of the in-progress DG path shown earlier that goes around the landscaping below the beach pateo.

Turn around and face up toward the front of the house. They've widened this path its entire length and replaced the steps with a brushed concrete ramp. Coupled with the new concete behind the garage they now have golf cart paths on both sides of the house that extend all the way from the driveway.

Upper end of the west-side golf path and work area.

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