A Beautiful Mountain Road, With Job Opportunities  

Posted March 20, 2007

Another email came in with a series of stomach-tingling pictures, these taken along a mountain road carved into a Bolivian canyon with dynamite and a prayer.  It's a main supply line for big trucks.  Teamsters looking for a job take a look:

Stomach tingling, but reasonably safe at low speed.

Yeah, you could handle this, right?  And so beautiful.

More beautiful sculptured rock.

Spectacular picture-window views of the canyon.

Another section blasted from solid rock of a sheer cliff.

Could anything be more beautiful?
Sign up now to drive trucks on this road.

Even tourists stop to snap a few shots.

But then comes narrow road with unstable shoulder, no edge
barrier, and those big trucks.  But you can handle it, right?

On the other hand, maybe not!   Good thing traffic is one way.

Whoops, guess not!  Luckily, there are wide spots to pass.

But who gets to back up?  And here come more trucks!

Maybe you just play chicken?

Landslide, road under repair --
But not to worry, they put up safety barriers!

Sometimes it's just too damn far to back up to a wide spot.
Just make sure you're on the inside lane!

So, get your job application in early, before the rush.