Lake Wildwood Boat Parade, 2004
Photos taken July 4, 2004
Posted July 20, 2004
© 2004, Herbert E. Lindberg

Our daughter Barbara and her husband Andy joined me this year to take pictures of the Annual Lake Wildwood Boat Parade. We took 419 pictures altogether in our effort to get the best possible pictures for the entrants. With 29 boats that worked out to an average of about 14 pictures of each boat. Elaborate boats have as many as 23 pictures. I culled the best overall picture of each boat and made framed 5 x 7-inch prints of each, which were distributed to the boat entrants as a small thank you for making this year’s parade the success it was.

I have all the pictures on my computer, sorted by boat numbers, and would be happy to make available to boat entrants the many additional pictures that were taken of their boats, which include close-ups of individuals on board. Since each picture is about 1.5 megabytes, the best way of doing this is to burn a CD. With negligible additional effort, the CDs will also include the culled-best pictures of all 29 boats. Anyone wanting a CD should contact Herb Lindberg (432-5096 or Type in the address graphic) and he will make one for you for $1 to cover the cost of the CD and jewel box.

But most of you just want to see the boats. As I did last year, I'm posting mainly the winners, which were listed sans pictures on page 6 of the July 16, 2004 issue of The Lake Wildwood Independent, three for power boats and three for pontoon boats. The theme this year was Made in America. Pontoon boat winners were:

First Place: Beach Boys

Second Place: Disneyland

Third Place: Easy Rider

Power boat winners were:

First Place: Made in America
(Some judges' confusion here; this is a pontoon boat, but a deserving winner.)

Second Place: Southern Belles

Third Place: Tacklers Football

In addition to these winners, there were many other boats that contributed to the festive day. A few that captured my fancy were:

Red, White and Blue Pontoon Boat

Red, White and Blue Power Boat

Squirt Gun Fun
(Squirt guns were very big this year, on shore as well as boats.)

Family Tree

The rest of the family, in tow

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