Lake Wildwood Boat Parade
Photos taken July 4, 2003
Posted July 31, 2003
2003, Herbert E. Lindberg

Now that things have settled down after our wonderful family visits at the "Lindberg Resort," I'm taking a few moments to post the winners of the July 4th Boat Parade. As usual, many colorful floats (literally) passed our dock, and represented a great deal of effort as well as inspiration. This year's theme was American Heroes. Winners were Listed in the July 18 issue of the Lake Wildwood Independent, three for power boats and three for pontoon boats. 

I don't completely understand the judges' logic for the power boat winners, but all displayed great ideas and execution. I personally think that as a float the submarine was the best boat in this category, but then you have to keep in mind that firefighters are very high on the list of heroes here in fire-prone Lake Wildwood, and our troops in action are everyone's most deserving heroes. They are what July 4th is all about.

First Place: Female Firefighters

Second Place: American Troops

Third Place: Submarine

The Judges' logic for the pontoon boats seemed to be reversed from their logic for the power boats. First place went to Pirates, who aren't heroes in anyone's book to my knowledge. But how can you argue with their wonderful float -- it was by far the most imaginative and well constructed on the lake that day. All involved are heroes for bringing such joy to the celebration.

First Place: Pirates

 Close-up of hard-drinking pirates and their smoking cannon

Second Place: Indians

Third Place: Twin Towers

In addition to these winners, there were many other boats that contributed to the festive day. Other feminine "heroes" included:

Bob Hope Dancers, for the mature crowd

Charlie's Angels, the real thing for everyone

I can't end without mentioning what a great improvement the fire hoses made to the Board of Directors' float. They made a transition from a stogie group of waving members of previous years to a happy, animated group who inspired screaming kids in the lake to get their squirters going full blast. The biggest squirter of all: our general manager, Bill Haushalter.

Bill Haushalter with his fire hose had more fun than anyone.

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