Coker-Watson Visit -- Draft Horse Classic
(Posted on the Internet September 29, 1998)

After Saturday morning's tennis (September 26), we came back to the house to make lunch and then go out on the lake to eat it while cruising at a brighter time of day than the late afternoon cruise on Friday. But the best laid plans of mice and men oft gang aft aglee. By the time lunch was made the weather became windy with more drizzle. So we just had a late lunch, looking at the lake from the dining room.

About half way through the meal the rain stopped. Even though it was getting late we all bundled up in our jackets and had a nice hour's cruise after all. We docked just before 5 p.m., barely in time to add one more layer of clothes, grab three blankets and three umbrellas, and rush off to the Nevada County Fairgrounds (10 miles up the road from LWW at the edge of Grass Valley) to see the Draft Horse Classic.

We had about an hour to wander through some of the exhibits and then headed for the arena to see the show. It was wonderful, but thank goodness Mary had the foresight to get us seats at the top of the grandstand so we could lean back on the railing and, more important that night, open our umbrellas. The poor folks below in the rest of the stands had to just sit there and get wet.

There were lots of arts and crafts stands.
Naturally, Sandy could have spent more than one hour doing this.

Val, Bob, Joan (and I) just wandered around while Sandy and Mary shopped.

This Belgian was just down the way from the flower stand.

Sandy tried her best to pet the Belgian.

There were lots of old surreys and Americana wagons.

Mary and Herb liked this surrey.

The Cokers look tiny next to this covered wagon.

I took a few pictures of the show in the arena, but the lights weren't bright enough to give focused pictures with a telephoto lens. Too bad, because the wagons and costumes were great. And so were the tandom horses, single ladies driving hitches, six-up horses on a rail pulling heavy wagons (similar to the Budweiser wagon), jumping donkeys, log dragging, and on and on. You'll just have to come up and see for yourselves next year.

But now this is next year, 1999. The Cokers and Lindbergs went to the Draft Horse Classic again and it was wonderful. It was light enough to snap a few pictures at the show in the arena, and of the impressive old farm equipment displays. Click here to go!

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