Maps of
South Yuba River State Park
Nevada County Wine Road

Created on and With Google Maps
2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

The South Yuba River State Park stretches 20 miles along the river from Bridgeport on the west to Edwards Crossing (N. Bloomfield Road out of Nevada City) on the east.  As such it is best described by a map with significant points along the river denoted by hot links to descriptions.

Hot-link map of South Yuba River State Park

Similarly, the many wineries in Nevada County are best described by a "Wine Road" which has hot links at each winery location and is organized such that you can easily chose an efficient driving route for your selection of wineries to visit.

Hot-link map to Nevada County Wineries

The hot links bring up a photo from their vineyard or tasting room and a link to each winery website. 

If you have a navigation system in your car you can copy the addresses given for each winery into the navigator and let it guide you from winery to winery.


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