Spring 2002 at Lake Wildwood
Photos taken April 19-25, 2002
2002, Herbert E. Lindberg

As I returned to my car after the Environmental Management Committee meeting this morning (Thursday, April 25) the sun had come out to sparkle the beauty of flowers around the Clubhouse. Below are selected pictures I took after rushing home for my camera and returning before the sun went behind another Spring cloud. In the same spirit of celebrating our beautiful Spring days I include a few pictures I took on April 19 during a round of golf, and two pictures from an April 20 hike on the Yuba River Buttermilk Bend Trail with our children and grandchildren.

There is little overlap between these pictures and those of the Lake Wildwood 2001 Spring Flowers, partly because of those pictures were taken a month later in the season.

Azaleas and Dogwood along the path to the Clubhouse.

View down the same path from the Clubhouse end.

Azaleas at the Clubhouse valet entrance.

Pro Shop from the Clubhouse Pine Room Patio.

 Practice green and Pro Shop from the golf course side.

Par 3 third hole from the tee.

Par 5 forth hole from the green back to the tee.

Pete Grupp follow-through on the 12th tee.
(His ball is white speck near top of the background trees, centered in picture.)

Spring clouds and 16th hole from the tee.

Purple Chinese Houses on the Buttermilk Bend Trail

Maddie and Nik examine river rocks on the Yuba River South Fork.

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