University of San Diego Campus Tour
Photos taken Monday, October 27, 2003
2003, Herbert E. Lindberg

These Web pages give a brief glimpse at the beauty and architecture on the University of San Diego Campus. Immediately below is the Campus Guide available at the University, for example at the main entrance guard station. Scroll back and forth to get a complete picture of the campus. Below the map is a listing of the buildings and other structures, keyed to the numbers on the guide. 

USD Campus Map and Tram Guide
1. School of Education
2.West Hill Parking Lot
3. West Parking Complex
4. Casa De La Paz
5. Shiley Science Building
6. Kroc Institute for 
    Peace & Justice
7. Casa De Alcala
8. Copley Parking Lot
9. West Tennis Courts
10. Chemistry & Marine
      Science Labs
11. Copley Library
12. Facilities Management
13. Shiley Theater
14. Camino Hall
15. Health Center
16. Sacred Heart Hall
17. Founders Hall
18. Olin Parking Lot
19. Olin Hall
20. Manchester
      Conference Center
21. Hahn School
      of Nursing
22. Hughes West Lot
23. Public Safety, Parking
      & Visitor Information
24. Presidio Terrace
25. Immaculata West Lot
26. Immaculata East Lot
27. Immaculata North Lot
28. Immaculata Church
29. Hughes Administration
30. Hughes East Lot
31. Serra Hall
32. Guadalupe Hall
33. Maher Hall
34. Print Shop
35. Salomon Hall
36. Warren Hall
      Law School
37. Loma Hall Center
38. University Center
      West Parking Lot
39. Hahn University Ctr.
40. University Center
      North Parking Lot
41. University Center
      East Parking Lot
42. Law School Lot
43. Pardee Legal
      Research Center
44. Degheri Center
45. Sports Field 1
46. Missions Parking
47. Missions B
48. Missions A
49. Seminary
50. Kolbe Center
51. Jenny Craig Pavillion
52. Cunningham
      Baseball Field
53. Sports Field 2
54. Sports Field 3
55. Softball Field
56. Manchester Village
57. Weight Room
58. East Tennis Courts
59. Field House
60. Sports Center/Pool
61. Palomar Lounge
62. Alcala Vista Apts.
63. Torero Stadium
64. University Terrace

Photographs of most of the buildings in the campus center are given on three additional Web pages. You can proceed to these pages to download the pictures as you read associated text by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page. Alternately, or after you've had this first scan through the pictures, you can click on the red-circled numbers in the campus center map below to jump to the associated building. By jumping back and forth between the map and pictures you can take a virtual tour of the campus center. Sometimes there is more than one picture of a building, so, after viewing the picture you jump to, scroll down the page to see if there is another. When you hover your cursor over any of the building numbers below (red-circled or not) a pop-up box will appear with the name of the associated structure.

Map of Campus Center, with Links to Building Photographs

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