Victorian Christmas in Nevada City
(Pictures December 21, 2003, Posted December 29, 2003)
2003  Herbert E. Lindberg

The Victorian Christmas street bazaar is one of the outstanding annual events in Nevada City. It is held every December on three Wednesday evenings and one Sunday afternoon before Christmas Day (there is some debate over possibly exchanging one of the Wednesday evenings to a second Sunday afternoon). In the past we've gone in the evening because the street lighting is most impressive in darkness, but this year we went Sunday afternoon. It was a nice change and had the advantage of letting us see all the activities on a gloriously beautiful day.

Broad Street was filled with people from the moment the event began at 1 p.m.

The main event is sales booths that line both sides of Broad Street and Commercial Street

Another attraction is the many street musicians and singers.

The young Joyful Strings

More youthful performers

The many Victorian costumes are part of the festivity.

Hats off to this pair!

This lovely lady was selling fur muffs.

Young lad performs on Commercial Street.

These charming beauties also made beautiful music.

A pair of dancers performed at the foot of Commercial Street.
Here's just a bit of the fancy footwork by one of them:

The local clogging club also put on a great dance show. Note the crowd surrounding them.

This, of course, is just a snippet of the activities and many goodies on sale. The air was also filled with wonderful odors from the many food stands. Even the simple hot dogs we bought tasted so much better as part of the happy celebration. You can see the smiling faces in the crowd above. We'll make sure to join the Victorian Christmas again next year -- we presume you will, too!