Activities in Southern Nevada County, California
Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Nevada City
Latest update March 19, 2017

2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

Click on any thumbnail or title of an activity to jump to a web page, or series of web pages, that describe that activity, sometimes with further links to action video slide shows that tell the story with larger, more interesting pictures and appropriate music.


Nevada City Bicycle Classic
Mid June on Father's Day Sunday

Nevada City Narrow Gage Railroad Museum

Mardi Gras in Nevada City,  February

Victorian Christmas, Nevada City
Several Days in December

Penn Valley Spring

Rough and Ready Fruit Jar Pickers
Sunday Mornings

Penn Valley Rodeo, May

Draft Horse Classic
Nevada County Fairground, September

Spenceville Trail and Fairy Falls, in Spring

Independence Trail

Nevada County Fair, August in Fairgrounds

Empire Mine State Park
(Under construction)

Wildflowers at Bridgeport, February--April

Buttermilk Bend Trail, Best in Spring

Barn and Covered Bridge at Bridgeport
South Yuba River State Park

Humbug Day at Malakoff Diggins State Park
Second Sunday of June

Kentucky Mine, near Sierra City

Double Oak Vineyard

Nevada County Wine Tour,  September

Old Colfax, on Route 174

etc... under construction

Here are some movies about local activities:
Quick summary of the historic wagons in the barn at Bridgeport,  3:10 min

Activities at Bridgeport, 8:19 mn
Humbug Day at Malakoff Diggins -- Outdoor activities, 7:50 min

Humbug Day, Historic Buildings and Displays, 5:51 min

Grand Opening of the Barn at Bridgeport, 6:41 min

Victorian Christmas in Nevada City, 6:22 min
Penn Valley Rodeo Parade 2014, 8:03 min, Every spring
Ananda Village Tulip Open House, 4:15 min
They put on this open house every year when tulips are at their peak.  Watch for the date because they adjust it according to peak blooming.
Spring Wildflowers at Bridgeport, 13:08 min

Nevada City Bicycle Classic, 7:13 min

Nevada City Bicycle Classic Sho-Air Team (Craig's team), 6:50 min

Facilities & Activities at South Yuba River State Park, 9:27 min
Bridgeport 2012 Spring Festival, 4:02 min
Historic Anthony House Under Lake Wildwood, 0:41 min
Penn Valley Spring, 2:28 min
Nevada City Mardi Gras Parade, 4:37 min
Nevada County Narrow Gage Railroad Museum, 5:41 min

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