Post Labor Day Reunion with Baldasti and Snow
September 5 to 9, 2006
Day 3: Picnic at the Ocean

Posted September 13, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

After Herb and Mary returned from the Reagan Library and we all relaxed around the Baldasti home, Hazel drove us off to another picnic, this one on a cliff not far south of Zuma Beach..  We were joined by Dick's son Dave and Walt and Hazel's son John and his family.
Downward view from the cliff at the picnic site.
A walk down a steep path and several flights of stairs brought a few of us to the beach, where an amateur photographer was shooting his bikini-clad girl friend and a professional was about to shoot a nude model in the beautiful glow of sunset.

Walt opens one of several bottles of wine enjoyed by all.

Mary and Hazel in animated conversation.

Hazel with an even more animated smile.

Dave captivates Hazel, Mary, and Dick as waves crash 50 feet below.

Dave makes an emphatic point.

Herb, Dave and Dick pose for this shot by Mary.

Walt joins in as all smile for the "candid" camera.

Walt and Dave in a more pensive moment

John with wife Lynnette and daughter (name?)

Crop-in close-up of the beautiful women.

We all dig into Hazel's wonderful spread of tri-tips, Lorraine's pasta, shrimp and more.

The gracious hosts serve themselves last as the sun goes down.

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