Lake Wildwood Christmas 2007
Page 2 of 2 -- Craig, Jodie and Tyler Join In

December 28, 2007

Posted January 6, 2008

Craig, Jodie and Tyler arrived Friday afternoon, December 28.  The pictures below are few snaps while opening presents.

Tyler launches one of the pair of helicopters he got from Santa Claus (Craig and Jodie).

Craig waits for present opening from and to Grandma and Grandpa Lindberg.

Tyler flies his helicopter along the bookshelves ...

... and attacks Craig's head.  (Not on purpose -- he flew the helicopter zig-zag around the room.)

Mary opens a present from Tyler -- a jeweled bookmark chain.

Tyler opens a present from Grandpa and Grandma -- extra tracks and cars for his HO set from Santa.

Barbara checks out the cars.  Tyler also received track and cars from Barbara.

Meanwhile, Jodie works now and again on a difficult puzzle begun before she arrived.
The puzzle was eventually completed by Nadia, Maddie and Mary the next day.

Nadia and Maddie kick back while this round of presents is opened.

Nadia brought a pad of paper and her computer to work on her Ph.D. thesis, but not too hard.

Maddie names for Jodie the 33 birds in a matrix of pictures (all by Maddie)
on the back of the calendar from the Heninger family.
Grandma and Grandpa received the same beautiful calendar, created by Barbara.

Jodie shows her sweater from Mary -- Grandpa got one too, but a darker maroon.

Craig checks out some of the cars and track.

Jodie is pleased with the serving tray from Herb and Mary.
We bought the tray from the artist who created it with excerpts of her paintings deposited on tiles.

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