50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Hawaii
July 21 to 30, 2006

Page 2 -- Iao Valley
Posted August 4, 2006
2006, Herbert E. Lindberg

After awaking to get oriented in Wailea on Saturday, and just kicking around Sunday and Monday, Mary and I joined Craig and Tyler (Jodie was off visiting a friend) and Dave's family on a trip to Iao Valley for lunch in the nearby town and the short trek up the valley.  This is a concentrated tourist attraction, but the number of visitors was reasonable enough for all to enjoy it.

The entrance to the valley from the parking lot overlooks trails to the river.
Left to right: Tyler, Craig, Dave, Mary, Nik, Mickie, Courtney behind them.

View across the valley from a bit farther down the path.  Note bridge on right.

We walked across the bridge and then looked back, at ...

... local Hawaiians playing on and under the bridge,

... and jumping off into a small, 6-foot-deep pool in the river.
Face plants were a necessity to avoid plunging to the rocky bottom.

Up river from the bridge is the Iao Needle, on the left.

A climb up beyond the bridge leads to the Iao Needle shack for a closer view.

The shack can also be used for photo opportunities, here Courtney and Mary.

Herb and Courtney, by Mary.  My hat is still on backwards from photographing the needle.

Grandpa and Grandma Herb & Mary, by Courtney.

Grandpa and Tyler, in his squirrel pose.

Out the entrance side of the shack is a beautiful view of the valley downstream.

On right, Dave, Mickie and Mary walk down through the jungle toward the river.

Dave finds rocks and a large tree limb in the stream.

Zoom into above picture.

Mary decides this is a good spot to photograph Herb and Dave.

Mickie and Mary climb back up toward the bridge ...

... while Dave climbs down toward the downstream river.

Meanwhile, Craig, Tyler and Nik climb over rocks from below and meet Dave midstream.

Then they all climb up toward the parking lot and we head back to the Elua Village and beach.

After we returned to the Elua Village, Craig called the whole family to join him for Margaritas at the beach.  This was the first of several family gatherings to have fun playing in the sand and water as the sun dropped into the ocean.  The lighting made for interesting photos on the next Web page.

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