Heninger Christmas 2006
A Few Pictures Culled From Barbara
December 25, 2006 in Los Altos, California
Posted January 14, 2007

Christmas for the extended Herb and Mary Lindberg family begins in Bellville, IL and the San Francisco Bay Area, where it is celebrated on Christmas Day.  Julie and Phyllis celebrated in Bellville; Craig, Jodie and Tyler celebrated with Jodie's Mom and Dad in the Bay Area; and Andy, Barbara, Nadia and Maddie celebrated in Los Altos.  Barbara posted some of her pictures on SmugMug, so I was able to download and select a few to use here.  A couple weeks before Christmas Mary and I stayed with Andy and Barbara while attending our old Sunnyvale neighborhood block party.  While there we all drove up to Skyline where we bought the Heninger Christmas Tree, and Barbara decorated it that day.

Barbara and Andy's tree in their living room.

Nadia gets a Norwegian course, for bilingual communication with beau Jan and family in Norway.

Andy and present

Maddie and Nadia play with Screamer.

Nadia models a hat and scarf to be used during her trips to Europe.

... and tweaks Screamer's ear.

Maddie receives a small porcelain egg from Japan. The instructions are to break it with a spoon.

Nadia's mother Tez later poses with Nadia and Doc.

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