Autry National Center of the American West
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September 29, 2009
Posted November 23, 2009
2009, Herbert E. Lindberg

This page is part of a multi-tour visit with Walt and Hazel:

Walt and Hazel took us with Dick and Lorraine to four exciting places in the Los Angeles area during our annual Hughes Fellows visit this fall. The first was this Autry center. The center used to concentrate almost entirely on western movies but it has expanded to cover many things West, as in a special display of still photographs of the West in the large room off the lobby. But western movies are the permanent theme.

Visitors are greeted by Gene Autry with his guitar and horse in the courtyard entrance to the center.

Inside is some of his gear and movie billboards.

Most of the displays are of macho cowboys and things like these pearl handled revolvers ...

... but some of the outfits are a bit, shall we say ... gay?

I'll say! Here's an outfit worn by George Hamilton as "Zorro, the Gay Blade."

Indian head dress

Tucked away somewhere is Roy Rogers and Dale Evans gear.

Another display, from Buck Jones movies

Here's a film crew busy with a shot.

Same group from another angle.

Below them is the western town set they are filming, but I was short on actors to complete the scene!
(Dick, Lorraine, Walt, Hazel and Mary were long gone as I paused for photos.)

A substantial group of western paintings fill another room.

Dick, Lorraine, and Hazel sit on a bench waiting for me (still straggling with my camera).

Inner courtyard just beyond the entrance (which is above and right)

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