Welcome Home Brandon Walden
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Wounded soldier CPL Brandon Walden was given a hero’s welcome by Nevada County in his home town of Penn Valley, California.  CPL Walden was serving in Afghanistan on July 3, 2012 when a terrorist disguised in an Afghan National Security Forces uniform shot him and four other squad members at close range with an automatic weapon, severely wounding them with multiple hits to each.  Since then CPL Walden has been recuperating at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where his mother Laura Cummins and Fiancée Raina Sedano have been with him.  After a short Thanksgiving visit they returned to Texas for continued rehabilitation.

The photographs here were taken by our daughter Barbara Heninger, with permission given to post them here and also in a slide show.  I've designed these pages such that when you click on a photo the larger version used in the slide show (sometimes much larger) opens in a separate tab where you can view it and, if desired, download it by right-clicking on the image and following the option indicated in the resulting drop-down menu.  You will probably want to return to this page by closing the added tab, so as to not have too many active tabs.  Barbara releases the photos to you for any non-commercial use.

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Welcome Home Brandon
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Welcome a True American Hero
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Lots of yellow ribbons and welcome posters.

This photo captures the flavor of the entire event -- an appreciative couple approaches the ceremony with child and flag.

Chris and Kathryn Hamilton

Veterans were well represented.

The stage in Western Gateway Park was decked out for the welcome.

Boy and flags.

Many came as families.

Appropriate sweatshirt.

It was cold and drizzling but that didn't hold back the event.


Some had taken the time to prepare their own posters of appreciation.


Left: Dick Corn -- Vietnam Veterans of America, American Legion, from Grass Valley, CA
Right: Pete Vasalakus, American Legion, from Grass Valley, CA 


Coast Guard Commander Claude Hessel and wife Janet.


Caps were available to thank contributors to Brandon's recovery fund.



Coast Guard Commander Claude Hessel with Navy Captain Cap Wallington.


Welcome Organizer and Master of Ceremonies Jay Cooper


The Ceremony Begins.


Enthusiasm was infectious.


Another father and son.


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