2013 Nevada City Adult Soapbox Derby
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2013 Herbert E. Lindberg

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The Windows PC version is far better than the YouTube version because it's ultra-high definition and has much better music.  I had to settle for vanilla music in the YouTube version.  But the best YouTube video for the 2013 Soapbox Derby is on the right in the trio of thumbnails below -- I highly recommend that you view it.


Soapbox Derby
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Soapbox Derby
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Soapbox Derby
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The Soap Box Derby is a relatively new event in Nevada City, begun in 2011 to raise funds for Pioneer Park improvements while having barrels of fun.  In this third year lessons learned in the first two years resulted in a smooth-running event.  The course is just under 2000 feet long on Nimrod street as shown in the map below. Hay bales lined both sides of the street for safety, and the entire east side of the street was open for spectators. The west side of the street is private property.

Pictures on these three pages are in the order in which I took them, starting at the finish line for Heat 1 watching the cars being towed up (all of them, by about 5 volunteer small utility vehicles) and then watching them zoom down, the speedsters at more than 45 mph. Then I went to the pits to see the cars before they were towed up for Heat 2.  About 40 cars entered the derby and 33 cars finished.

During Heat 2  I climbed up from the finish line to the start line, taking in the fun and flavor of the event as I went (including a beer at the NC Chamber of Commerce tent).  I snapped a couple pictures to confirm that much better car pictures can be taken just after the start when the cars are going slow.

By the time I got to the start line cars were being towed up for Heat 3.  There were a few photo opportunities with the cars lined up along the side of Nimrod St. waiting for the remainder to arrive. By then my 82-year-old body was hot and tired, and I had some shopping to do in town, so I left just before Heat 3 began.  Oh to be 70 again!


The soap box derby takes place on Nimrod Street, which runs along the west side of Pioneer Park and slopes down from Clay street on the south (near the race start) to Park Avenue on the north (near the finish).  This map also shows how to get to the derby and places to park, mainly along the streets east of Nimrod, which is closed to traffic on race day.
Map courtesy of Google Maps

Satellite view of only Pioneer Park.  The race now runs smoothly because the pit area was moved from near the start line (previous map) to the parking lot next to the tennis courts near the finish line (near the top of both maps). The Nevada City Chamber of Commerce set up a refreshment and information tent on the park side of Nimrod just south of the swimming pool.  --Google Maps

Great T-shirts were for sale at the derby and ???

Photo op in the tow line (Car 44, Grass Valley Four Wheelers, took 15th in the speed category)

Car 38, Mr. Potatohead

Another shot between spectators as he disappeared up the tow line.

Still another of this unique car.  Competition for best art was keen -- this car took 8th.

Beautifully simple lines on this speedster, which took 10th for speed, 40 mph average over the three heats.
Team Code 4.     In the right background is Car No. 911, SNMH Scrub Team, which took 1st in the art category.

Rear view of Mr. Potatohead (he obviously ranked with the best art entries in my book!)

Car 169 from Team Non-Linear, came in 3rd in the art class.  Can't imagine the criteria used to score this class.
I chatted with the driver in the pits and asked him about the name (my PhD thesis was on non-linear control systems).
I chuckled at his answer:  Linear Technology in Grass Valley wouldn't sponsor his car so he called the car non-Linear.


Car 75 -- Snoopy and Plane, Team Experienced Aviation Aces, came in 4th and has a soft spot in my heart.


Car 00, Team Bombardiers, came in 20th in the speed class, average 3-heat speed 31 mph.


Car 50, Team Gravity Wave Racing, came in a very close 2nd at 46 mph.


Car 10, Team E Clampus Vitus "Bullshifters" came in 10th in the art class.


Car 5, Team Gravity Five Minus One, came in 16th with a 3-heat speed of 32 mph.


The pit area: parking lot at the tennis courts.


Turn my camera to the left to photograph the Finish line crowd.


Second group of racers zooming down (the first came so fast I couldn't get my camera set up).


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