Welcome Home Brandon Walden
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2012 Barbara Heninger

The photographs here were taken by our daughter Barbara Heninger, with permission given to post them here and also in a slide show.  I've designed these pages such that when you click on a photo the larger version used in the slide show (sometimes much larger) opens in a separate tab where you can view it and, if desired, download it by right-clicking on the image and following the option indicated in the resulting drop-down menu.  You will probably want to return to this page by closing the added tab, so as to not have too many active tabs.  Barbara releases the photos to you for any non-commercial use.

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Everyone on stage claps for Brandon.

As does the audience.

Claps and flag waves.

Front and center

Brandon replies with a few words.

Through tears, mother Laura Cummins thanks everyone for their support and financial help during Brandon's recovery.
Brandon's sister Megan Walden smiles in the background.

Brother David Walden holds his mother's flowers as she speaks.

Rapt audience

Friends with a gift of thanks for Brandon and his mother Laura.


Friends and neighbors line up to give hugs to Brandon and his mother.


More come up the ramp to the stage.


Young in the lineup


As the event winds down.


Brandon's sister Destinee Walden with Ashley just after the ceremony.


Ashley seems to be thinking, "Welcome home Brandon."


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