Hole 4 -- An Interesting Par 5
Dense trees gobble drives to left or right

Posted October 9, 2008
2008, Herbert E. Lindberg

The white, red, and black tees are on a hill behind an unseen pond.  The pond is no problem except for a totally missed shot.  A ball hit into the trees on the left is unlikely to be seen again, and a side slope bounces slightly errant shots into the left underbrush.  The trees on the right see many balls but there is usually hope of finding your ball and chiping it onto the fairway.  But come on, just hit your tee shot straight away and you're ready to hit your second shot past a gentle downhill.

The blue tee is nestled into a grove of trees on the other side of a water ditch. A long, accurate tee shot is needed to thread through an opening and past the pond.

Once past the trees the fairway is wide open.  The last 150 yards to the green are uphill, so adjust your club selection accordingly.  As always, the green is raised and guarded by bunkers left and right.  An extra bunker short of the green on the right is happy to swallow short approach shots.

When you're on the green take a moment to look back down the fairway toward the tee.  The raised tee and sloping fairway framed by luxuriant trees is picture perfect.

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