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Latest update October 10, 2014

This is a hub page for pictures scanned from old 35-mm slides or film camera prints, Photos are posted from time to time as desired for communication with the family. 

First and most important are the pictures from Dot Lindberg's photo albums, which tell the story of her life from about 1912 to 1955, when she switched to 35-mm slides which were never scanned. In the process of annotating and scanning the photos in Dot's four comprehensive albums, Larue and Herb Lindberg inserted many vignettes brought to mind by the photos, plus other family stories of interest.

More recently (2010) we came across five albums of old photos from Mary's family, the Pagels clan. Selected photos from these are now scanned and posted in a web from at Old Pagels Photo Hub.  I also include an interview Mary's brother Gus recorded of Pop Pagels about his world adventures when he was a teenager.

It's now October, 2012, and I've decided to officially post some of the old pictures we've come across as family members get old and decide to pass on their collections. A hub for these is Old Scanned Photos.

101 Pictures spanning 1955 to 1971 used in Herb and Mary's Anniversary Booklet
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Journey to Stanford, 1952-1954 Mary & Herb meet, 1955
Prelude to a Wedding, 1955 Wedding, June 16, 1956

Pictures of Gus, from Marcia

Christmas in San Mateo, 1971 Summer of 1963

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