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Grass Valley,
Nevada City
and Foothills

Lake Wildwood
and More General
Northern California
Northern California
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Washington Hotel
Nevada County
January 25, 2014
Barbecued Pig Party at Lake-
Front Homes in Lake Wildwood

July 20, 2013

Lewis & Clark River Trip
Snake & Columbia Rivers
October 25 to 31, 2013
Moral Philosophy of Energy.
Alex Epstein introduces his
book, which could become the
next "Silent Spring."

Naggiar Vineyards and
Winery, April 23, 2014
Lake Wildwood families host
baseball team during trip to
their national exhibition game
July 16, 2014
Two Week Tour of London
and Lake District Beauty
August 29 -- Sept. 13, 2015

Local News Stories
and Opinions
Update Dec. 22, 2016

Penn Valley Rodeo
May 17, 2014
Wedding of Michelle and Jake
at the Hinman lakeside home
Lake Wildwood, CA
July 18, 2015

A Real Bambi & Thumper
Amazing photos, Beautiful
Video, 2012

EPA Director isn't aware that
Climate Model can't predict

measured world temperatures.
March 21, 2015
Solune & Montoliva
Vineyards & Wineries
November 16, 2014

Yuba Harvest Cafe
Oregon House, CA
September 9, 2016

Bert Fell in Lake 1935
Bert Lake,  sans Epilog
Bert Lake Epilog
The Left is causing serious
Damage with stands on GMOs,
Pesticides, Fracking, CO2, etc.

Test Streaming Video
October 8, 2016

Red Moose Cafe
Sierra City, CA
September 18, 2016
Millenials' Need 2016

Bill Clinton on North Korea
Stand Up for Freedom
Yaron Brook on Inequality

Journey Through
Open Heart Surgery, 2016

Lanie's Home Miniature
December 18, 2017

Tim & Thea Yard Work at
Our Former LWW Home
January 29, 2018
Rory's First Six Years, 2017 Articles by Frank Pinney
Global Warming Hoax
   Nov. 9, 2015
Is Your President a Muslim?
   October 28, 2016
Proposed Eskaton
Menu Format, May, 2017

Eskaton Sync Swim, 2017
My Nevada County Maps

Letter to Arab-Muslim
Americans From Airlines
Pilot, June 2017
Disgust Digest --
Black Lives Matter, + more
Tom DeChaine, Jul. 19, 2016

Barbara, Andy and Maddie
Visit Nevada City,
May 30 -- June2, 2017
Music at Eskaton
Highlander Room 2018
Trump's 2017 Inauguration
and John Nash Economics
Interesting Thoughts
on the 2016 Election

Eskaton Dinner Photos
Eskaton Movies
Eskaton Movie Abstracts

Jim Colton
Ayn Rand on Racism, 1963

The Precautionary Principle
Spring Drive on Penn and
Grass Valley Back Roads
March 19, 2018

Democracy in America
Alexis de Tocqueville
Eskaton Veterans Day 2018

Henderson's Healthplan
Eskaton Floor Plans
Eskaton-SAEL Video
  For Smaller Devices

Email Themes
Posted July 26, 2019
The Union Articles on
Civic Affairs 2005,2006

Music Jukebox

Christmas Letter 2020
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       Hot-Link Maps of 
o S. Yuba River State Park
o Nevada County Wine 
Nevada County Wines
and Wine Roads to Them
o Complete Tour Plus
   Pre-Tour Research

       Four Part Tour:
o Amtrak Cross Country
o Washington DC Mall
o Charleston Tour
o Savannah Tour
Global Warming --
Getting Closer to
Hard Science

2013 Nevada City
Adult Soap Box Derby
June 22, 2013
Wildwood Lakeshore Home
in 2D and 3D with dogwood
and wallflower in bloom, 
April 14, 2013

Peace Arch Park at
U.S - Canada Border

o Harry Pagels  
o Herb Lindberg

      U.N. Agenda 21 
Global Control, hidden 
behind environmental fear 
implemented at local level

Second Visit to Crystal
Hermitage, Ananda Village
May 13, 2013
Lunch at Happy Apple
Kitchen and stop to see
pasture on way home to
Lake Wildwood.

Los Angeles Area Tours:
o Autry Center Amer. West

o Camarillo Ranch
o Getty Villa
o Heritage Square

      Interesting Videos
o Stanford Hero Lecture
   Craig Barrett, Intel CEO
o Yaron Brook on Statism
  vs. Freedom & Capitalism
o Religion vs. Freedom
Crystal Hermitage
Tulip Open House
Ananda Village
April 28, 2013
Roots & Wings LWW
Patio Boat Wine & Home
Tour, August 4, 2012

Two Eagles and a Duck
in Life-or-Death Flights
Over Lake Tapps, WA

      Fun Videos
o Blackberry's Not Working
o Robots make a BMW
o Flyboarding
o Father Sarducci
o Shag Dance Champs
o 9-year-old girl is best
   in boy's league.
Hero's Welcome Home for
CPL Brandon Walden in
Penn Valley, CA
November 20, 2012
Back Roads of Penn
Valley on a Beautiful
Spring Day
April 1, 2012

Tauck River Tour
Danube, Main, Rhine
June 19 to July 5, 2008

ACORN, Obama, and
The News Media Corrupt
the Election Process
Penn Valley
Rodeo Parade
May 19, 2012
First Snowfall of 2009
in Lake Wildwood
December 7, 2009

Teamster Openings on a
Bolivian Mountain Road
March 20, 2007

Global Climate Change
and U.N. Agenda 21
Nevada City
Mardi Gras Parade
February 19, 2012

A Fall Evening on
the Lake Wildwood
Golf Course

Lake Wildwood Week
in Acapulco
February 5-12, 2007

Political Commentary
 o Obama's Jobs Growth
 o Can't Balance Budget
 o Paul Ryan
 o Environment
 o Stimulous Fraud
Double Oak Vineyard
October 8, 2011

Lake Wildwood
Golf Course
A virtual round of
golf in Pictures

Mountain Trail Hanging
by a Thread
November 9, 2006

Big Science 
 o Universe and Man
 o Mars Rovers
 o Particle Physics
Nevada City Narrow Gage
Railroad Museum
August 7, 2011
Mooney Fire Threat
at Lake Wildwood
August 23, 2007

Ronald W. Reagan
Presidential Library
September 8, 2006

o 3-D Virtual Tours
o Bambi & Thumper
o Debt Money Stacks
o Food Art
o Specialists
Kentucky Mine and
Sierra City Re-visited
July 24, 2011
Glimpse of Flooding
in Lake Wildwood
December 31, 2005

Nethercutt Museums
Sylmar, California
September 7, 2006

o Funny Signs
o Animal Crackers
o Musical Stroll
o More Funny Signs

Eskaton Village, the next
phase of retirement living?
Toured April 26, 2011
The Union Hotel
in LaPorte, CA
April 17, 2005

Family Fun on Maui
Wailea; Haleakala
July 21 to 30, 2006

Rainbow Lodge
March 8, 2009

Brief Visit to
Old Colfax
May 2, 2010
Lake Francis Resort
Dobbins, CA
April 10, 2005

The World
from Outer Space
March 9, 2006

Rainbow Lodge
January 4, 2004
Kentucky Mine at
Sierra City, CA
Virtual Tour
June 27, 2010
Railroad Museum --
Classic Model Trains
August 26, 2004
Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, CA
June 10, 2005
Dunbar House
Nevada City Bicycle
Classic, 50th Anniversary
June 20, 2010

2004 Auto Tours at
SYRSP at Bridgeport

Giants at SBC Park
San Francisco, CA
June 9, 2005

Napa Valley
Ink House

The Fruit Jar Pickers --
Best show in town, and
it's free. Look and listen
and you'll agree.
April 20, 2008 
Lake Wildwood
July 4, 2004
Boat Parade
Museums at Pier 45
San Francisco, CA
June 8, 2005

Links to

Whatcha Gonna Drive?
Post-Petroleum Vehicles
November 19, 2006
Lake Wildwood
July 4, 2003
Boat Parade
Tour, University of
San Diego
October 27, 2003

Victorian Christmas
in Nevada City
December 22, 2004
Lake Wildwood
Spring Color, 2002
John Jacobs Golf
School, Sun City, AZ
January, 2003

Fall Color in
Nevada City
November 2, 8, 2004
Lake Wildwood
Fly-Over, 2001
Hawaii Golf Trip
January 8-15, 2001

Nevada County
Draft Horse Classic
September 17, 2004

   Link to 2010 Classic
Lake Wildwood
Spring Color, 2001
Hawaii Golf Trip
January 8-15, 2001

Nevada County Fair
August 11-15, 2004
Tour of Murphys
and Environs
Alaska Tauck Tour
July 14-26, 2000

Wildflower Booklet
May 16, 2004
Filoli Estate
Hike and Tour

Yuba River, Up From
Edwards Crossing
February 29, 2004
Murphys and Calaveras
Big Trees State Park

Victorian Christmas
in Nevada City
December 21, 2003
Napa Valley Wine Tour
April 2001

Nevada City
Bicycle Classic
June 15, 2003

New at Bridgeport
December 22, 2002

Nevada County Fair
August 2001

Rock Creek
Nature Trail 

Spenceville Falls Hike
March 25, 2000

South Yuba River
Bridgeport Trails 

Nevada City
Bicycle Classic
June 13, 1999

Nevada County
Draft Horse Classic


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